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lawn care services bethlehem, georgia

We locally service areas around Georgia including Winder, Monroe, Watkinsville, Bethlehem, and Dacula! 

Lawn Care Services

If you need quality lawn care this season, then Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem is the way to go. Our family-owned business is dedicated to each one of our customers, and we strive to provide the best lawn care in Georgia. We work as a team and treat our clients’ lawns like it was our own. No matter what type of landscaping service you’re looking for Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem is here to help. Springtime is on the way and for many people that signals the beginning of yard work. Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem is here to assist with that workload. Since we are a professional lawn and landscape company, we have all of the tools needed to provide you with a beautifully maintained outdoor space. Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem has a dedicated, fully trained staff who are experts in the art of everything from mowing to maintenance. We are a small local business that offers big services at affordable prices.

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Locally in Bethlehem, Georgia

Have you considered upgrading your backyard this spring or summer? We would love to talk to you about our experience with landscape design and installations. One of the best ways to extend your living space is to add hardscape elements to your yard. Hardscapes are permanent installations in your outdoor area like fountains, retaining walls or paths. There are so many benefits to using hardscaping to maximize your green space. For instance, adding a fire pit or patio outside of your home can be used for entertaining and relaxing all summer long. We can work with you to make your vision for an outdoor getaway a reality. Our philosophy at Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem is to give our clients what they ask for and to exceed their expectations. That’s why we enjoy working closely with customers on projects that will bring them joy for years to come.

Need lawn care services in Georgia?

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Solid Green Lawn Care

Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem provides many other services too. We’re here to assist you with residential and commercial properties weed control, fertilization and core aeration and overseeding of both Fescue and Zoysias grasses. If you need help with a pest problem, then Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem offers 12-month fire ant control to keep you safe. We provide safe and effective applications of fungicides and insecticides to keep your plants healthy and green. Contact Solid Green Lawn Care Bethlehem today for all of your lawn and landscaping maintenance needs.

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