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Aeration Service in Bethlehem, Monroe, Winder, GA & Surrounding Cities

We perform aeration in the spring for warm-season lawns and in the fall for cool-season ones.

If you want to loosen compacted soil and help nutrients and resources reach the roots of your grass, you've come to the right place! At Solid Green Lawn & Landscape, we offer our lawn aeration service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Bethlehem, Monroe, Winder, Statham, Hoschton, and nearby areas in Northeast Georgia. Our team can provide liquid or core aeration for warm-season lawns like bermudagrass and zoysia in the spring, between April and June. However, we only offer core aeration for cool-season types like fescue, which we do in the fall, typically in September. This service is available with overseeding for cool-season lawns to bolster their density and lush appearance.

What type of aeration do we offer?

Apply liquid aeration for Monroe, GA homeowner.

Our team offers liquid and core aeration for warm-season lawns like bermudagrass and zoysia. Meanwhile, we only perform core aeration for cool-season grasses like fescue. For liquid aeration, we'll apply a treatment across your turf to create tiny pores in the soil that loosen compaction and improve its structure, encouraging better nutrient penetration, air circulation, and water retention and drainage. On the other hand, core aeration involves our crew going over your lawn with an aerator to pull up plugs of soil. Not only does this loosen that hard, packed layer, but it also creates passageways for nutrients, sunlight, oxygen, and water to reach the roots of your grass more easily.

When do we perform our aeration service?

With warm-season and cool-season lawns in the Bethlehem, GA, area, we want to perform our aeration service when it's right for your turf type. So, this service is available in the spring, between April and June, for warm-season types and in the fall, typically in September, for cool-season. Aerating your warm-season lawn in the spring will help it emerge from winter dormancy and transition into the new growing season in great shape. Additionally, it's strong enough to endure core aeration, and we only provide liquid aeration during this time.

On the other hand, aerating your cool-season lawn in the fall will aid in its recovery from summer stress and build up its health in preparation for the winter. The cooler temperatures during this season also provide ideal conditions for it to withstand core aeration and recover in time for dormancy.

We recommend aerating your lawn annually to ensure it continues to have optimal access to the nutrients and resources it needs year after year.

Our Fall Aeration Is Available With Overseeding for Cool-Season Lawns

Seed spreader on lawn in Bethlehem, GA.

While lawn aeration is highly beneficial, we want to yield only the best results for your grass. Because of this, our fall aeration is available with overseeding for cool-season lawns. Our team will spread a premium blend of turf-type tall fescue seeds to fill bare, patchy areas with new growth, increasing its density and making it lusher than ever. We do this in the fall following aeration because the cooler temperatures are ideal for seed germination, plus the holes created will provide the perfect spot for them to fall into and get excellent contact with the soil. With these services, your lawn will become equally healthier and thicker!

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Whether you have a warm-season or cool-season lawn, our lawn aeration service is just what you need to help it reach its full potential! At Solid Green Lawn & Landscape, we proudly serve residential and commercial properties and HOAs in Bethlehem, Monroe, Winder, Statham, Hoschton, and other surrounding areas in Northeast Georgia. We have been exceeding expectations with our high-quality results since 2011, and we look forward to doing the same for you next. Call us today at (770) 380-2009 to schedule our aeration service!

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